During the holiday season, it is hard not to notice all the black, red, gold and silver bring worn. I have no problem with that; I absolutely love those colors. Yet, at the same time, I always find myself pleasantly surprised when I see someone sporting a different bold color. So, what about the Marc Jacobs Satin Rad Bag? I do like the dark purple satin, but is it too much? At the same time, I’m not sure if I am digging the shape of the bag. Maybe it is the shoulder strap that I can’t get past, but either way, something just doesn’t seem to work for me. Yep, I think it is the shoulder strap. If you can imagine the handbag without it, I don’t think it is that bad. However, I have to say, I do think I’ve seen a lot better from Marc Jacobs before. If you are looking to add more unique colors to your line up, buy this through Net-a-Porter for $595.

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  • TygerKitty

    I think this bag looks a bit awkward. As you said, the shoulder strap doesn’t really belong. It definitely would work better as a clutch and maybe without such rigid corners on the top. I love the color of the satin; not too crazy about the big rectangle of leather at the top with the metal plates though.

    I also love the idea of incorporating a bit more color into the holiday season and since purple is so hot lately; a purple satin clutch would be a great way to do this! This won’t be the one I go for though!

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