Moda Operandi is great for a lot of reasons, but I like it for one of the less talked-about ones: It gives us the opportunity to see a bunch of non-runway accessories immediately following a brand’s runway show, long before those images would normally find their way to public consumption. That’s the case with MO’s presale of Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2012 Handbags, which runs until March 1st.

We all know about the somewhat underwhelming runway bags, but the collection really shines when you consider those pieces that didn’t grace the runway. The oxblood red Marc by Marc Jacobs Irina Shoulder Bag, above, is totally lust-worthy. Thankfully, though, Marc has stayed true to the brand’s price range – all of the presale options are under $600. Check out the sale now via Moda Operandi, or take a look at all the options after the jump.

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