Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Aidan BowlerI very, very much want to like this bag. I’m a big Marc by Marc Jacobs fan and I particularly like the Classic Q bags, but I’m not feeling the Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Aidan Bowler.

In many ways, it’s a nice bag. The leather looks incredibly thick and sumptuous, particularly considering the reasonable price point, and the finish and variation of the distressed milk chocolate leather is perfection – every brown bag should be so lucky. What’s not so fortunate is the bag’s proportions. It’s quite large – probably big enough to throw carry a change of clothes for an overnight trip – and yet it’s also incredibly dome-shaped, and it’s handles are almost comically small in comparison. Maybe if they were set a bit wider, or if they were a bit bigger or thicker, I wouldn’t be getting such a weird visual impression when I look at it, but I find it a little unsettling. Because I like the line so much, I’d consider picking it up on sale, but the overall look isn’t doing it for me at full price. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $548.

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  • heffalump221

    I have a baby Aiden bag and its just the right size, I love it. Has the look and feel of a premium designer bag, without the huge price tag.

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