Piperlime is a great site for savvy price worthy handbags. There is so much to choose from and you are bound to find something that won’t make your wallet and/or bank account cry.

At the same time, the site also offers picks from superstar stylist Rachel Zoe. I love checking out her picks for handbags and beyond. However, I am not sure I am with her on this pick, are you?

Lucky Brand Just a Stitch Away

Rachel Zoe, I hate to say it, but I completely disagree with you on the Lucky Brand Just a Stitch Away Bag. This is a bag that has too much going on and frankly other than jeans and a white t-shirt, I can’t imagine when I would use it. Maybe if I was still in college and I could use it to tote my books around? Carrying it as a cross-body bag would seem far too cumbersome for me, which clearly is a deal breaker. Yes it looks durable and yes there are a few colors to catch your eye, but still, I am not a fan. In this case, are you siding with Rachel’s pick or my disagreement? Buy through Piperlime for $249.

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  • ottercat


  • Salmonella

    Lucky Brand is so overpriced.

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