Are you a tattoo person? I’m not. I don’t have any, although it has crossed my mind before. I love them on men – they give an average dude a bit of an edge, and there’s nothing I hate more than an average guy with no edge to be found (well, I don’t hate them, but I’m not attracted to them). The coolest tattoos I’ve ever seen were from an artist who made pixelated images on skin – they were absolutely fascinating. And they were also the first thing I thought of when I saw the Longchamp Imprime Tote.

Longchamp Imprime Tote

The bigger issue for me now is trying to decide whether or not that’s the only reason I like it. I love the pixel effect and how it makes the colors bleed into one and other, but in a way that avoids the sloppiness of tie-dye. It gives it a geometric quality that makes it different than a lot of other things I’ve seen recent, and it would probably be a great choice to take to an outdoor event or a day at the park. I don’t adore it on the whole, however, and I definitely wouldn’t plunk down the price that they’re asking for a nylon bag. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $390.

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  • Jennifer

    This bag is giving me a HUGE headache! As soon as I saw it I got dizzy!

  • skiddo2000

    I agree, it hurts my eyes. And why such short handles?

  • Jane H.

    I love the pixel idea but the colors are a bit too psychedelic for me!

  • Linda

    Not bad…but do not like the price…at that point you can save up if needed and get a real knock out.

  • elyse

    this bag is not worth the money. Longchamp has much better bags for the same price. (fb)

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