Jeremy Scott, the print-crazy British designer of Flintstones-themed clothing fame, and Longchamp, the staid French luxury house famous for solid-color nylon totes, might seem like kind of an odd couple on the surface, but the Longchamp x Jeremy Scott Tire Print Le Pliage Tote just goes to prove the old clich̩ Рopposites attract.

I stared at this bag for a few seconds before it hit me that I was looking at tromp l’oeil tire tracks, which has Jeremy Scott written all over it. His prints are thoroughly modern and often unconventional, but I’ve never seen one that I found too weird or too displeasing to love. He does a great job of bringing pop art to the fashion world, and his designs are often surprisingly useable.

As for the Longchamp portion of this design, I think we all know why the brand’s bags are popular. This one is waterproof for bad weather and its no-fuss lines perfectly display Scott’s large-scale pattern. The coupling of the two brands is counter-intuitive, but looking at the final product, it makes so much sense. Buy through Colette for $264.

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  • CarolineLondon

    Love. Love love love.
    Now to find one in the UK…

  • Stacy

    It’s different and I like it. The structure seems to lean more towards an overnight bag than an actual purse but no matter. I still like it.

  • 19yearslater

    It’s odd. That’s why I like it. Waterproof is a definite plus now that the wet snows have started at last.

  • Stylista
  • Karin bag4bag

    It is edgy, different and the colors work great together.

  • shueaddict

    Amanda, you just gave me a new mission: … find this in Vienna airport tomorrow. My trusted brown Longchamp pliage is showing its age and needs the support of a younger sibling.

    • shueaddict

      update … mission failed … actually NO Pliage bags are available till Xmas … bummer … bought Ferragamo granny shoes instead ( blame the Champagne in the lounge for that !!!)

  • Staci

    I love how graphic the tire print is on this tote. It just works!

  • bindc

    Love it!!

  • Vitta

    Very interesting! Love it. And a great price, too.

  • amanda

    Jeremy Scott is actually American. I love his kooky style and I love this bag!

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