I wish there were more Lockheart bags available in retail stores. I’ve been thinking this for quite some time now, but, even more lately. I am back at home visiting the family and where I have my “office” set up, every time I glance up, I see my mom’s gorgeous Lockheart Candice Hobo. Needless to say, I have Lockheart on my mind.

So, today, I didn’t just come across a Lockheart bag, I actively went searching for one. More often than not, when searching for a specific designer bag, I am able to find something I like. And here we go again.

Per usual, Lockheart has me salivating over another one of their bags. Fine detailing and Lockheart go hand-in-hand. The Lockheart Curly Q Rihanna Hobo is a fabulous bag with exquisite detail. The floral pattern, loops, embellishments and a single braided strap all play off of one another. Sometimes I can’t figure out how so many different pieces can come together so perfectly, but I’ve realized I don’t need to ask. This particular bag comes in Espresso, Burnt Orange and Neutral (pictured here) leather. I love the cute little snap pocket on the back of the bag – it is perfect for my lip gloss! All in all, we have another amazing bag that keeps me wanting more. Buy through Nordstrom for $525.

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  • ottercat

    Kinda cute, but a bit overly ornate, but as I recall that is the design bent of this brand.

  • Nata

    I spotted it one week ago and it is number one in my wish list since…

  • Jane

    wow is all I can say because the detailing is incredible.

  • 19yearslater

    Another beautiful bag from Lockheart. The detail is amazing, the cute back pocket is just the right touch, and I love the burnt orange color (as seen on the Nordstrom site)

  • Nicole

    ooooh I like this color- and the detail. Why do they have to keep making such amazing bags that I have to have? I guess i’ll be going shopping this weekend (again).

  • Joan G

    love the Neutral but OMG the Burnt Orange is to die for!!! Orangina!

  • James

    Not only are they great bags with wonderful detailing, the people at Lockheart are very nice people!

  • Ava

    Ohhh wow, super cool bag. It has such a gorgeous lace design made with leather. The nude is my new favorite color for bags, just goes with everything!!!

  • Nickie

    I don’t usually like anything ornate but this one is beautiful. I love the nude color!

  • Rachel

    I would totally buy that purse if I could, but sadly they are not available where I live

    • Rachel

      I forgot to ad when WILL they be offered in the European (Gerrmany) Market??? I am ready to purchase I love purses that rock!

  • Alicia

    Love this bag. Hard to find their stuff!

  • Mochababe73

    It is hard to find a Lockheart even though I live in a large, metropolitan city. This bag is so pretty and feminine. I don’t know how this equates to Rihanna but to each his own.

  • Loquita

    Another beautiful design and piece of craftsmanship from Lockheart…while this one is not for me per se, I have to admit that it is lovely. It’s nice to see a smaller company that takes its dedication to handbags so seriously – unfortunately, we see that less and less these days.

  • Linda

    I am a big fan on Lockheart bags and have lusted after it once I saw it at Nordstrom. I think this will be next on my list (I own three Lockheart bags, what’s one more)?

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