Is there anything that says “summer” more than a Lilly Pulitzer print and a weekend trip to a sandy locale? I can’t think of anything. I suspect that Pulitzer’s sunny, girly patterns may be more popular in my native Southeast than in some parts of the country, and even in my black-loving, pastel-hating mind, they represent posh pool parties and days spent on the deck of a large boat.

That might not be how I spend most of my summer days (although a girl can wish, right?), but that doesn’t mean that I can’t still own the Lilly Pilitzer for Le Sportsac Large Weekender. Pink-and-green prints are something of a Lilly signature, and the floral couldn’t get any more Southern sorority-girl appropriate. It’s out of character for me, but I think I might love it.

Just looking at this uber-functional tote makes me want to buy it, stuff it full of bathing suits, and disappear to Tybee Island for a weekend. And really, for a long-weekend trip during the summer, the stuff that fits in this bag is all you should be bringing. Anything more would be too much, and a fun weekend bag is a good way to remind yourself of that. Buy through for $108.

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  • Mochababe73

    Upon first look, I thought that it was a diaper bag. While I pink is my favorite color, I can’t imagine wearing this as my diaper bag wearing days are over.

  • Lianne

    Love the shape, hate the print. But then, I am not a pink person or a floral person, so that shouldn’t be a surprise. (fb)

  • Brenda Cervantes

    I like it! It’s cute! (fb)

  • rebecca

    I love it! I think the green and the pink look great together. (fb)

  • justa9url

    I LOVE IT! =) The love green and that shade of green in particular. The colours goes so well together. It’s really refreshing. (fb)

  • courtney

    A little out of character for me too, but I kinda like it. It has a retro, southern feel to it. (FB)

  • Shine

    I am not much of flower print on bags, i have floral prints on my dresses and sheets. I donot favor the brightness of the pink, and the green almost neon.(fb)

  • Leticia

    I have a Tommy Hilfiger weekend bag in the exact same colours. Completely different bag, of course – it’s mostly green with a white and pink stripe running across it. I like this preppy but fun style, though. (fb)

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  • AB

    Love it! If you love lily pulitzer and LeSportsac, this is the best of both worlds! Who wouldn’t want a lily print on her LeSportsac bag that we can ALL afford! This is a MUST BUY :) **

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