LAMB Andhra ToteIn all honesty, I usually find L.A.M.B. bags to be a bit much. There are usually lots of patterns, contrasting colors and overlays in one bag, and then maybe some extra trim for good measure. I can see why people like them, but for the pattern-averse out there, it can be a lot of look.

So I’m surprised to say that I think they hit the perfect note with the L.A.M.B. Andhra Tote. The background pattern is a subtle black-and-gray combination somewhere between ikat and zebra print that isn’t too loud or obnoxious, and the patent stripes of blue and yellow add a pop to the bag that gives contrast without clashing. It’s a pleasantly unusual bag without being unattractive, and that’s a line that L.A.M.B. seems to have been trying to walk for a very long time. Well, they’ve finally gotten it right. At this size, this might even make a good school tote for days when you girls don’t have that much to haul around. Buy through Nordstrom for $425.

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  • Mandy

    This is the first L.A.M.B. bag I have liked. Love the mix of colors, especially the pop of gold.

  • bagolicious

    I was just in Nordstrom yesterday chatting with a salesperson about L.A.M.B. It’s just one company that has never made a handbag that has come anywhere close to my liking. I could tell the salesperson agreed.

  • Renee

    where can I find this purse in red with grey color…..have looked all over the place and no luck !!! HELP !!!

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