Wait a tick. THIS is a L.A.M.B. handbag? No way. I mean, is there anyone out there reading this who would have guessed L.A.M.B. as soon as you saw it? Ok, looking a bit more closely, there are design elements that I can see are very L.A.M.B.-esque, but still overall, there is no way I would have guessed it right off the bat.

I’m really intrigued by this L.A.M.B. Camberley Surrey Clutch. Sure, mostly because it had me a bit stumped at first, but even moving on from that, it’s really rather a nice clutch. I love the dark charcoal pebbled leather which has quilting, zipper detailing and an asymmetrical front flap. There’s also some screw-head studs and a tassel pull. So, with all of these elements thrown together, it is in fact a L.A.M.B. bag and one that has taken me by surprise, in a good way. Since the clutch isn’t too in-your-face, you can wear it with so many outfits. Buy through Shopbop for $195.

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  • 19yearslater

    I was just commenting about how much I love this clutch over on PB. This is a real hit from L.A.M.B. I would carry it with many outfits in a heartbeat.

  • justa9url

    Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) It’s gorgeous and not over the top. I love the details, it just all goes together. =) (fb)

  • Rebecca

    I love the asymmetrical front flap. Everything about this clutch is really beautiful! (fb)

  • Jane

    I love this clutch like I said on Purse Blog. The more I see it the more I am falling in love. I have a wedding this May and this might just be the clutch I wear to the wedding! (fb)

  • Paula_Rose

    This makes me wish I actually used clutches! (fb)

  • Leslie

    The thing that throws me about it being a L.A.M.B is that is that it doesn’t have any bright colours. I usually see L.A.M.B things with neon piping or something. I like the stripe lining. (fb)

  • Karin bag4bag

    You and Amanda need to talk ! Who reviewed it first ? Love this clutch on PB or PBS. (fb)

  • BuckleButtonZip

    I would not have guessed that it was L.A.M.B and I’m seriously digging this bag. It’s modern but refined. Doesn’t seem like a one-season wonder.


  • mika

    i just simply adore this cluth (fb)

  • Leticia

    This is gorgeous, very rock ‘n’ roll… Fits my style perfectly, straight to the wishlist! (fb)

  • kenic

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