I’m at one extreme or the other with Kooba – I either love their bags, or I completely fail to understand what they were trying to accomplish with them. I’m rarely, if ever, anywhere in the middle, and I consider this fact to be to Kooba’s credit. Rarely does a bag make me HAVE THOUGHTS, be they good or bad, on a design level, but Koobas almost always make me think a little bit about what they’ve attempted to create. And, ladies and…well, mostly ladies…that’s success right there. In an over-crowded luxury handbag market, getting a consumer to stop and notice is half the battle. And with their new Rio Metal Tipped Patent Leather Tote, they’ve won the other half of that battle (with me, at least). A beautiful dark red shade, shiny-but-not-too-shiny patent leather, an eminently usable and functional shape, and those interesting metal bits there in the middle. I’m not sure what those are for, but I like them. I can only dream what other colors this beautiful bag might come in once other retailers start receiving their shipments.

Pre-order via Nordstrom for $645.00.

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