Kooba does particularly well by producing bags that are useful, functional, and chic in the most simple of ways. They always experiment with the lines on their handbags, whether they’re diagonal or vertical, thin, thick, or fluted. This Kooba Millie Vertical Shopper is probably the best example of that- the lines of the bag take center stage.

Rather than relying on studs or heavy hardware to make a spring statement, this shopper goes back to what classically makes a spring bag: the color. The vibrant turquoise is all you need to know that this bag is made for the days of beach balls and ice cream trucks.

What’s kind of funky about the bag is that it looks like it might be large and bulbous in all ways, with handles too miniature to hold it. But turn the bag sideways, and surprise! It’s quite slim to the side, meaning that its size is nicely proportioned, and that the stock photo has somewhat failed, as it does occasionally. Buy through Nordstroms for $595.

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  • Reece

    simple, chic.. BRILLIANT color!

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