Every now and then, I see a bag that makes me sigh contentedly and go “Ahh, yes, there is someone out there that remembers how to make regular bags and do it well.” And usually when I say that, I’m sitting alone in my apartment, on my couch, talking to myself, so that probably tells you a lot about me and my life.

Kooba Liz Tote

Anyway, the Kooba Liz Tote made me do just that. Even the name – Liz Tote – is simple and to the point. You guys may not think twice about a bag’s name, but I often have to type them repeatedly, so a name that doesn’t go on for an entire sentence is something I really enjoy. But about the bag: Kooba uses some of the most wonderfully soft leather available for what they charge for bags, and this bag is all about soft, beautiful leather in a season-appropriate shade of green. The website claims that the straps will fit over your shoulders, although I kind of doubt it, but I’d want to carry it in the crook of my arm anyway. It’s only exterior adornment is a cute-but-not-too-big bow at the side, and it’s got a bunch of pockets inside to organize your stuff. It’s not changing the handbag game or anything, but sometimes all you want is a good purse, am I right? Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $595.

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  • greenpixie

    I totally love this. Slightly longer handles so I could throw it on my shoulder, and I would be pressing the checkout button in a heartbeat.

  • Beautylicious

    I agree, if only the handles would be a tiny bit longer. Love the leather, it looks so soft.

  • AK

    I have this bag and the handles are definitely long enough to put over your shoulders… and so amazingly soft!

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