Interesting, this is a very interesting bag. I am trying to figure out if I like this Kooba or if it misses the mark. So, I am going to break down the bag and try to figure out if I like this bag or not. No matter what, I have to admit the Kooba Isabella Saddle Bag boasts detailing that you don’t see every day. The first thing that made me stop and look at this bag a bit more was the color.

Kooba Isabella Saddle Bag
The soft, lavender color is gorgeous. I am not really sure it is a color I would rock during the Fall, but it is a great bag for Winter, Spring and even Summer. In typical Kooba fashion, the leather is downright supple and I am sure it will age gracefully. The size and shape I can totally work with. However, my hang up is with several flaps and clasps throughout the bag. For me, it is just a bit over the top. Clearly the bag has plenty of room for whatever you might need, but I would really have to be able to embrace the flaps in order to make this bag mine. Buy through Bluefly for $327.

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  • althaea

    I like it. It’s funky and interesting without being so garish that you can’t take it to work. It could be a good all-around bag. Also, if you have kids then you really appreciate bags that have lots of outside compartments because, in reality, who wants to lug around 2 bags (one cool bag and one lame diaper bag)?

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