For a season or two, things were perilously quiet from our friends at Kooba. Both Megs and I noticed a dearth of the brand’s bags at major retailers, and having been Kooba fans for quite a while, we were concerned. Well, we’re certainly not concerned any longer.

Fall 2010 has proved to be a great season to be a Kooba lover. Not only does their Kelsi Satchel practically teach a class on how to design a bicolor bag, but the Kooba Carter Satchel is a nice everyday bag at a reasonably price point.

At first the design appeared to be a little too busy and jumbled, but I think that effect is mostly a result of the way Bloomingdale’s styled the bag for the picture. I’d remove the extra shoulder strap altogether, and once you do that, the bag is symmetrical and more pleasing to the eye. The amount of hardware is just right, and some of it contributes to a front pocket that looks to be just the right size for my cell phone. That’s a primary requirement for any bag that I buy, so this Kooba satchel passes my functionality tests. Buy through Bloomingdales for $595.

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  • Marija

    Looks a little like the Kooba Charlie from a couple seasons back. Beautiful, nonetheless!

  • mochababe73

    I love Kooba bags, but they are kind of heavy.
    This bag is beautiful.

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