Kooba Convertible HoboMy personal belief is that Kooba is at its best when they’re using soft leather in a muted color and with limited hardware. Their designers have a knack for making the simple interesting, and if they’d stick with things like the Kooba Convertible Hobo and stay away from the gimmicks, then I’d be a really happy camper. This bag is beautiful in its simplicity – it’s not over-designed, and I think it would probably wear well. The leather looks exceptionally soft, as it does on many of Kooba‘s bags, and a soft, slouchy hobo is my favorite kind of bag out there.

This bag does have a bit of a gimmick, though, but I think it’s a good one. The strap up there is convertible from a regular-length hobo strap to a longer, hip-slung hobo strap. I’m not sure exactly how that is, based on the limited pictures available, but if they say it can be done then I believe them. If you’re unsure about the long-strap trend, a bag that converts a single strap from one style to another is probably the best (and certainly the most elegant) way to explore it. Buy through Nordstrom for $575.

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  • Fariha

    This bag is beautiful! I love the colour and the unusual but simple design.

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