I am a long time Kooba lover and if this brand continues to produce exquisite handbags, they’ll have me as a fan for life. I think that the root of my love stems from the leather used for Kooba bags. It is always soft and leaves me wanting to touch it a bit more.

Kooba Amber Satchel

But then, as you look at the bags a little more you will notice wonderful detailing no matter how noticeable or not. The Kooba Amber Satchel takes everything I love about this brand and adds a few twists. This particular bag has gorgeous brushed gold hardware with a fabulous piece of leather woven and gathered in a soft knot. With plenty of room to carry anything you want, this is the perfect satchel! Buy through Luna Boston for $545.

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  • Beth

    I must differ. I think it looks more lopsided than slouchy, like it can’t decide if it’s a structured bag or one that’s supposed to just fall. Just my opinion!

  • Mandy

    Kooba does it again…love it.

  • Terri Tucker

    I saw this bag and just love it – but it seemed to slide off my shoulder and I know that would drive me crazy. Any input on this from someone who has the great bag?

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