I’m not one of those people who carries a big, travel-sized wallet at all times. On the contrary, I use a little European-style wallet barely big enough to hold dollars, or no wallet at all. I’m not even a big clutch person. But lately, I’ve been wanting a big wallet, that could be used for travel or alone as a clutch. This Kate Spade Union Square Travel Wallet is just the ticket.

Kate Spade Union Square Travel Wallet

It’s a travel wallet, with space for IDs, tickets, and a removable passport holder. But the design is simple and clean, with a bright aqua color that can’t stay holed up and hidden in your big travel tote for long. I’m imagining it with a summery dress, espadrilles, and a big floppy hat (if you’re into hats). At first, I had qualms about it not being all leather, but the more I think about it, the more useful nylon is. It’s a casual clutch, and would be perfect to travel to the beach with (sand won’t ruin nylon!). Sweet. Buy through Nordstom for $175.

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