We don’t talk that much about Kale brand bags on this site, but we probably should pay a little closer attention to them. They make modern, chic bags with clean lines and great colors – who doesn’t love that? I know that I do, considering my penchant for wearing dark clothes and brightly colored bags as somewhat of a de facto uniform in my daily life. And I think anyone that takes one look at the Kale Silla Grab Bag can guess what attracted me to it originally – the vibrant, nuanced shade of teal.

Kale Silla Grab Bag

Sometimes I’m a bit wary of marbled leather since it usually means the leather is also shiny and a bit stiff, but it looks like the designers managed to give this bag a nice variation in color while keeping the bag reasonable supple and slouchy. I’d have to see the bag unstuffed to truly judge the shape and structure, but I suspect that it has a good bit more sag to it than this picture indicates, which is a great thing. The leather reminds me a bit of Balenciaga, and if that comparison is apt, then it’ll only get better with age. If you’re interested in the Bal look but don’t have the $1000+ to spend on a bag, this is a great alternative at a more reasonable price. Buy through Piperlime for $635.

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