This is another one of those bags that’s really not up my alley, but I suspect that it might be up someone’s. Obviously there are a lot of people that enjoy the whipstitched, embroidered, neo-Native American trend that’s going on right now, or designers wouldn’t bother continuing to make the stuff.

And for those people, and particularly for people that are thinking about dipping their toe in the trend pool but are not yet convinced, the Junior Drake Mini Embroidered Crossbody might be the perfect minibag.

For the price, I might even consider buying this bag (in black, natch). It’s kicky and kind of cute, and since the emroidery/whipstitching is tonal, it’s not as obvious (read: kitschy) as a lot of other bags that are a part of this trend. If you’re looking for something slightly trendy, but kind of non-commital, well, I’ve found it for you. Buy through Nordstrom for $98.

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  • luca mackay

    cute and bright,i like it

  • RY

    I love JD bags for their soft leather and great colors, but lately their designs remind me of Isabella Fiore and not in a good way. Especially the whip stitching part. JD was always great on style-it was kind of fresh and unique, now they just want to be a part of the crowd. And this bag is no exception, besides looking like 5th grader weaving art project.

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