I roundly dismiss brown as a color for handbags on most occasions, but there actually is a shade of brown that I almost always like. It’s a medium color, slightly distressed, with a tiny bit of an orange undertone to it and a little variation in the leather itself. It’s lighter than chocolate and darker than tan – it’s widely known as ‘whiskey,’ I believe, and far be it from me to turn down anything named after booze.

Junior Drake isabella Wristlet

The Junior Drake Isabelle Wristlet is a perfect example of the kind of brown that has a little home in my heart. It has a slightly boho feel without treading in “hippie” territory and the pintucked quilting detail is spot-on and so chic. It would be perfect for a slightly more casual night out when an austere, dressy black clutch won’t do. I can’t even imagine a shade of denim with which this wouldn’t look perfect. Buy through Bluefly for $139.

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  • 19yearslater

    That is nice. It’s interesting enough to cover for the brown.

  • Mandy

    I am not a brown hater, but I do hate dull browns. Whiskey is one of my favorite colors if it’s done in the right kind of leather and right style of bag. I feel the same way about camel and caramel. It has to be just right or it’s oh so wrong. I really like this wristlet, and I think it’s the color that makes it.

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