Juicy Couture Crown Button Elongated Clutch WalletYou know, when I first came across this clutch/wallet I was reminded of college. Why? Well, back in college, I was always carrying around a clutch/wallet. I never liked carrying around a handbag when I went to parties or out to campus bars. I was too worried that my handbag would come home smelling like cheap keg beer or simply stated, ruined. So, I bet you can see why the clutch/wallet option seemed best.

Now, back to the real topic at hand. I am really liking the Juicy Couture Crown Button Elongated Clutch Wallet. The color is great. The shape is great. The hardware adds a slightly edgy feel. Clearly, this is something you could grab as you run out of the house on a quick errand, but it wouldn’t be something to carry if you have lots of stuff you need to carry around. Well, you could, but this would just be one of the many things in your larger sized handbag. Of course, I was pleasantly surprised that the clutch/wallet doesn’t have Juicy Couture logo nonsense slapped all over it, but you will find the logo once you open it up; this I can live with. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $158.

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  • Alexis

    cute!! By the description I thought it might be too long, but I looked at the measurements and it seems just right!

  • Jessica Jean Benson

    Wow, what a gorgeous color, leather, and design. I would totally rock this!!

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