Juicy Couture Back to School Quilted BackpackRandomly, a few days ago, I decided to get a backpack. I don’t know why, but it was an undeniable, unavoidable urge. And though I like the North Faces and L.L. Beans of this world, I wanted a trendy backpack, one that would look cool when I wore it (who knows what place I had in mind). And then at Nordstrom’s I spotted it, the one, the backpack I wanted: the Juicy Couture Back to School Quilted Backpack.

It was soft, it was quilted, and it came in a sophisticated black color. Plus it had cute frills on the front! This was great, since it fulfilled my love of somewhat rocker and/or masculine looks (the black) with a touch or femininity (the frills). And the inside! It has all sorts of little pockets- I’m a sucker for organization. Then I tried it on, and reality set in. Sure, it was adorable and fit well, but with it on, I looked about twelve. And those patches? They had to go. Plus they had a touch of pink, and if there is any personal rule I stick to, it’s that I don’t wear pink. So I set down the frilly confection, sad but proud because I knew that if I had succumbed, I never would have worn it. If it is your style, buy it through Nordstrom for $228.

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  • Jen

    Wow, that backpack is quite atrocious! I really have no clue what age group that back pack is targeting…

  • Rufina

    The same age group that pink quilted disaster that was featured couple of days back….
    They definetely need to change their “creative” team, this is not working-there are so many brand name leather bags out there, who would be crazy enough to spent this much money on this fluff?
    My daughter used to have a teddy bear backpack that looked better than this

  • 19yearslater

    Yikes, it’s not that ugly; its just that its called the Back to School backpack for a reason- its meant for schoolgirls to carry.

  • J

    not to mention the shape of it is too small to really fit anything you would need for school…. I’ll stick with my Marc Jacobs $19 backpack thanks!

  • amanda

    i attend all girls school so i know this would go over well, but size wisee… not so much

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