I keep talking about my move, but it seems worth sharing. I know almost all of you out there have moved at least once. So, there is a good chance you can see where I am coming from. Last night as I was unpacking some boxes I stumbled across part of my handbag collection. It was as if I was opening up a present all over again. And one of my favorites had to be my Jalda clutch. I honestly fall in love with it every time I see it. So much so that I found myself wanting another Jalda clutch.

Jalda Ostrich Leather Brief Clutch

It was as if my desires had been answered when I came across the Jalda Pink Ostrich Leather Brief Clutch today. Now this is a feminine clutch I need to get my hands on. While I am not much for the over-the-top girlie handbags, this one would receive a very warm welcome. The pink grained ostrich leather is not only to-die-for but it is also flawless. Just from the picture you will notice the balancing act between exotic and feminine. Sometimes exotic handbags can have a bit of a tough look to them, but not this one. In fact, this clutch properly captures my favorites f’s: flirty, feminine and fun. Buy through Bluefly for $197.

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  • Amanda

    What a gorgeous clutch!!!

  • spanish moss

    ohhh, how charming!

  • Lemon06

    Like the color but the texture is tough for me to get past. The
    bumps cause a recoil reflex for me

  • Amanda R

    Wow, I just moved to Gainesville on Tuesday because I start college in the fall, and I just now unpacked my box of purses. I feel better already, LOL!

  • cissy

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