Jack Rabbit The Atlantic ToteWe’ve been talking a lot about Big Black Bags (BBBs) lately on the Purse Blog family of websites, and I’ve got another good specimen to throw on the heap: the Jack Rabbit The Atlantic Tote.

It’s got everything you could want in a giant, dark-colored carryall: lots of smooth, but not shiny, leather, minimal hardware, and enough size to make a statement. This bag is a little different, though, in that it’s a north/south style (for the uninitiated, that means it’s longer than it is wide). I’m of the personal belief that north/south bags are a lot harder to design than their east/west counterparts since they have a much larger propensity to look awkward and be difficult to carry, but I think that Jack Rabbit did a reasonably good job with this particular bag. It gets a little wider at the bottom to balance out the bag’s width and the handles also help with the proportion. All in all, a solid entry into the BBB wars. Buy through Bloomingdales for $450.

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  • Allison

    Love this, and there was another JR bag that was posted on here fairly reccently that I loved too. They were both great N/S designs…Being pretty tall for some reason I feel like N/S bags work better for me than E/W…anyone else? I think what I love about this is yeah, its a big black bag, but its got a style to it. If I’m going to get a neutral colored bag, I really want there to be something special about it, and I feel like this bag has that special “it”. Its not just a plain boxy tote with a designer logo on it.

  • Kelly

    I have this bag in burgundy, I absolutely love it. The magnetic closure makes for easy in&out access while giving it great structure. Plus it has a has a vintage look that I adore.

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