Normally I like Marc by Marc Jacobs bags because the brand tends to take a very traditional or classic idea and put just enough of a spin on it to make it interesting and young without making it too obvious or non-functional, but the Marc by Marc Jacobs Bianca Leather Top Handle has me wondering whether or not it went far enough this time. Does this design look just a little too normal and run-of-the-mill to be a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag to anyone else?

While I’m sure that this bag and its leather are lovely in person, from here, it looks far too much like something I could pick up at any lower mid-range department store for $60. MbMJ’s trademark winking personality isn’t evident in this bag, and because of its absence, I can’t imagine paying a premium. Perhaps it will work for women who need conservative bags for the office, but I couldn’t imagine wanting to carry this design on the weekend. Buy through Saks for $458.

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  • Marianna

    I work in a very conservative profession but I would never carry this bag. It’s a giant yawn. It reminds me of the “pocketbooks” my Nana used to carry way back when I was a little girl. I am really suprised this came from Marc by MJ.

  • 19yearslater

    This bag does not pass the test wherein I have to answer “No” to the question “Would my grandma carry this?” Not MBMJ style at all, this one is a miss.

  • Stylista

    Normally, I would say pleasantly traditional, but this bag is not. It’s just ordinary. I think it’s the colour of the bag, and the buckle. I’m sure the leather is lovely, as you say, but it doesn’t really stand out as being Jacobs.

  • Harry

    Saw this one at Nordstroms today, the front hardware is so heavy and the bag is so narrow that the bag cannot sit upright :(

  • MissTina

    My Nana always carried this kind of bag. Brings back fond memories!

  • mochababe73

    It looks like something from Stone Mountain.
    I like Marc by Marc Jacobs handbags because they are different, whimsical, colorful. This is none of those. It’s just a plain, boring everyday handbag. I don’t know if you would even find this at a mid-level department store like Macy’s.

  • tex

    Looks like a Louis Vuitton Beverly GM to me with a shoulder strap. If he can design it for Louis Vuitton, mind as well design it for his label too.

  • shelyn

    I saw this purse and it feels like i had a similar one from coach ewww.

    • tex

      It is similar to the Soho Flap Satchel from Coach. But why would you say “ewww?” Is Coach below your standards?

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