Eeeks. This is bag and its name is kind of an oxymoron. And, I’m not talking a good oxymoron like white chocolate either. I want to like this Hype bag, but I would certainly not classify it as a large hobo. Would you? Well the size of the bag itself is large, but I cannot get over the short shoulder strap – it’s so anti large hobo.

But, there’s more to this bag that just the shoulder strap. The Hype Yasmeen Large Hobo is actually a really nice bag at an unbelievable price, if you are willing to have a large bag with a short shoulder strap. The dark blue pebbled leather is gorgeous and perfect for Spring and Summer months. The addition of a few front and dual side zip pockets adds a little flare to the bag. Opening up the bag, you’ll find magenta sateen lining which is yet another pop of color. I for one enjoy a bold colored bag that is so inside and out. But, it’s the 7″ shoulder drop that hits me as a little off kilter for a bag with these dimensions: 18” at widest x 9½” tall at center x 4½” deep; weighs 2 lbs. However, like I said earlier, at this price, you might be willing to make a sacrifice. Buy through Bluefly for $165.

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  • marian t

    again love the color, and the style, nice bag! (fb)

  • justa9url

    Can’t handle short straps and I don’t like the pebbled leather. (fb)

  • Barb

    Love the color! The rest..pebbled matteness, short handles, loop tassells- Not so much!(fb)

  • Melody

    mmm looks boring to me…(fb)

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