My initial reaction to the Harajuku Lovers Graphic Typography Yippie Canvas Tote was that I think they stole New York magazine’s font. See it? In the N? I think that they’re the same. Their logo is pretty well-known, so I would think that it had to be done intentionally. And I think I kind of like it.

But what really struck me, on further inspection, was the price of the bag – about $40. Thank God that there’s still a brand out there pricing their canvas bags reasonably!

Harajuku Lovers Graphic Typography Yippie Canvas Tote

This isn’t necessarily a bag for adults, but I could see it as a reasonable purchase for a teenager that’s yearning for designer things but whose parents aren’t quite willing to drop big bucks on a purse for her. Harajuku Lovers is L.A.M.B.’s little sister line and it’s reasonably priced but probably still “name-y” enough to satisfy a young teen. Plus, unlike most things that that demographic enjoys, this bag isn’t totally obnoxious. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $38.

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  • NYC sara

    When I saw the picture I did a double take, as I also thought the font was from New York magazine!

  • Annabel

    Wow Amanda – I totally agree with everything you’ve said. It’s cute, affordable and the perfect (Christmas) gift for my younger cousin. Thanks.

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