Earlier this month, we wondered what was up with the supposedly “painted” finish on the Gryson Painted Violet Bag. Because of the bag’s dark color, it was impossible to figure out what was so different about it compared to all the dyed finishes that we’re used to seeing, and it made the bag seem kind of pointless.

With a new material and a new color however, Gryson‘s lovely painted finish makes a much different impression on the Gryson Painted Eel Olivia Bag.

Gryson Painted Eel Olivia Bag

Gryson couldn’t have chosen a better color to showcase the subtle variations of her painted finishes than this deep wine red. The depth of color keeps it from looking sloppy, but it’s just light enough to show the dimension and subtlety of the paint. If she had gone with a bright instead, it would probably have looked shoddily done and unfinished, but burgundy keeps things classy. Featuring eel, one of fashion’s most affordable exotics, was also a great touch. Buy through ShopBop for $995.

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  • Kimberly

    Now I love that!

  • Anna

    I adore this! It is just the thing to pep up an artsy all-black outfit.

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