You know that the holidays have infiltrated your life when you start to look at handbags and something very holiday specific comes to mind. Honestly, when I first saw the Furla Gigante Karolina Tracolla Hobo I though, hmmmm, doesn’t that look like Santa’s Bag? I know, I know, it sounds silly, but I figured I would share that with you. Ok, now for the handbag. This large tone-on-tone stitched red suede handbag is accented with golden hardware. I am definitely one who tends to gravitate towards slouchy bags. This bag demonstrates how an unconstructed shape can work. I feel like there is a delicate balance between a cool, slouchy look on a handbag as opposed to a handbag that looks like material has just been thrown together, a handle attached and that is that. As much as I love suede, I don’t like the maintenance that is usually required. I am after all, a no-nonsense kind of gal. However, if I made sure to take proper care of a suede bag, this is one I would consider purchasing. Buy through Saks for $545.

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