Franchi Feather Frame Clutch

This is my first holiday season doing the ol’ full-time PurseBlogger gig, so I don’t have a previous party season with which to compare it, but it certainly seems like there are so many shiny, glam, wonderful little clutches surfacing for our holiday enjoyment lately.

I’d imagine that at least part of the uptick is based on the season and part of it is just me paying increased attention to them because I love the holidays, but either way, you’ve got to admit that the Franchi Feather Frame Clutch is kind of adorable.

The problem with sequin clutches can be that they often look so buttoned-up and rigid, and while sometimes that’s what you want, other times something fun and flirty would be more appropriate. And that’s exactly what this clutch is – it’s a bit disheveled (but in a glam way) and much more textural than your average ball-o-sequins. It also comes in purple and a host of neutrals, and the price is super reasonable – overall, another solid party clutch contender. Buy through Nordstrom for $148.

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    I like.. Super fun for the end of the year.

  • ottercat


  • shop2drop1

    Unique and fun!

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