Foley + Corinna Kiara Clutch

Um, what’s going on here? I don’t really know what to think much less what to write about this clutch. Foley + Corinna have put out some fabulous handbags. Yet, the Foley + Corinna Kiara Clutch is a bit of a mess. Pebbled black leather with 2 snap-flap pockets at the front and a braided strap at the side seem to be a tad too much. At first glance, the pockets reminded me of looking at a pair of jeans from the back. (Anyone else see that?) Now add metallic trim, tassel detail and a wrist strap and, again, too much. Perhaps if one accented part of the handbag was focused on I would like it more. I am sure there will be plenty of you who think I am crazy, but let’s just say, this clutch is not for me. Buy through ShopBop for $264.

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  • Cate

    I ussually love Foley + Corinna but I agree… too much going on. I like and would probably just remove the wrist strap.

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