Now what do we have here? A white clutch, some great stitching and an affordable price – not too bad. Now of course, with Labor Day right around the corner, I am a little hesitant to buy a new summer inspired clutch, but again the price is definitely right.

Foley + Corinna Kiara Clutch

The Foley + Corinna Kiara Clutch is a fun and functional handbag that is perfect for those warm summer days. There is a slight hippie, bohemian or beachy vibe that I get from this bag and I like it. I can imagine myself putting on a whimsical summer dress and grabbing this clutch as I head out the door and hop on my beach cruiser. This small bag is perfect for holding those must haves while not being bogged down with a large, heavy bag. Buy through Shopbop for $132.

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