Confession: I can’t wear heels, but I still have a couple of reasonably priced pairs, and my favorites are from Elie Tahari. If I could wear them, I would do it all the time. They’re fairly comfy for heels, and if I ever feel like I absolutely have to bust out a pair to sit around in at a fancy party, those are my go-to shoes. I try to avoid the necessity since my orthopedist has already made enough money off of me, but sometimes a girl needs her heels.

I’ve never come across an Elie Tahari handbag in person, however, but I can’t help but be impressed and intrigued by the Elie Tahari Dana Leather Hobo.

Elie Tahari Dana Leather Hobo

The leather looks awfully soft, doesn’t it?

This bag isn’t anything earth-shattering, I’ll admit, but it’s a really good-looking basic. The soft, looped leather around the sides creates just enough visual interest without distracting from the simplistic style of the bag, and the wide, flat leather strap looks like it would be very comfortable to carry for long periods of time. This one is a winner, folks. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $498.

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