Normally I don’t have any problem accurately identifying materials in person, particularly when those materials are commonly used for handbags. It’s my job, after all, and I’ve manhandled a lot of purses in my life. When I saw this version of the Treesje Bare Revealed Satchel in person a few weeks ago, however, I would have sworn to anyone who asked that it was made of very, very soft sueded canvas or linen. When I saw how much it cost, I put the bag right back on the shelf, assuming that the price was too high for a non-leather bag.

As it turns out, that’s not quite right.

Although the material seemed extremely lightweight and thin (in a good way) in person, it’s actually suede. When I read the truth on Nordstrom’s website, my love for the bag immediately increased tenfold – the level of detail that Treesje has managed to attain with a material that’s not normally prone to successful pintucking is pretty impressive. I’m happy to report that this bag, in all of its real-suede glory, was beautiful, soft and surprisingly lightweight in person. Buy through Nordstrom for $329 until the end of their anniversary sale, $595 afterward.

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  • gacats

    I like the treatment of the suede, very unexpected. (fb)

  • Staci

    I love Treesje bags! You can’t tell from the picture that this satchel is suede which makes me want it even more!

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