There is one word to describe how I feel about this bag: conflicted. I’ve been loving so many Diane von Furstenberg bags as of late, that I find myself EXPECTING to love the next one I see. However, not to be harsh, this one looks like something I made back in my Girl Scout days. While I want to like this bag, I can’t get over what you would have to pay for what you are actually going to get.

Diane von Furstenberg Hayworth Tote

While I love how sturdy the Diane von Furstenberg Hayworth Tote appears, I don’t see anything almost $725 worth about it. The pebbled tan leather is gorgeous, there is nothing other than gorgeous about it. However, the purple contrast woven banding seems a bit awkward. I get the rustic-ness behind the bag. I totally appreciate working towards something unique. However, this design was cut short. A little more thought and attention would have taken this bag from sub-par to above-par. Yet, if you disagree, buy through Shopbop for $725.

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  • Anna Cooperberg Gzz.

    This really, really reminds me of the Indian Princesses suede vest from my childhood.

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