It’s rare that I see a black clutch and think of summer, but for some reason that’s exactly what happened when I first set my eyes on the new Diane Von Furstenberg Hayworth Clutch. There’s just something about it that looks like warm weather, despite its dark color.

So what is it about the bag that’s doing it for me? The flowers, duh. You don’t see a whole lot of flowers during the winter, unless you’re looking at a Valentino bag.

Perhaps it’s the addition of gold hardware (I particularly like its inclusion at the center of the flowers) or the size of the blooms, but they look warm and inviting to me. Finding a black clutch to wear on a warm summer night without looking dour and out-of-season is difficult, but this bag manages the trick. Scoop it up now and you’ll use it all the time, I promise. Buy through ShopBop for $425.

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  • 19yearslater

    This makes me smile, the black makes it usable all year ’round with the flowers.

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