I’m kind of disappointed right now. Because, you see, I really wanted to like the Cynthia Vincent Berkley Shoulder Bag. It has soft-looking grey leather, a color which I love. It looks functional. I bet it would go with a lot of things. The problem is, though, that I DO like this bag – I liked it the first time around as the Givency Sacca Bag, one that Givenchy has been making for a long time and in many iterations.

Cynthia Vincent Berkley Shoulder Tote

I can sort of understand why cheapy chain stores rip off bags. They don’t have the design power or point of view to come up with their own stuff. I still think it’s a crappy thing to do, but sure, I get it. This, however, I cannot abide. Cynthia Vincent, as a brand, has the personality and opportunity to come up with some charming, reasonably priced designs all on their own, and they chose to do something almost exactly like a well-known bag. Like I said: I’m kind of disappointed. Buy through Luna Boston for $325.

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  • Jessica Jean Benson

    I totally agree, its such a shame when designs so rip-offs. I felt that way when Steve Madden ripped off the Extreme Gladiator from Dior that was in the Sex and The City movie :( Sooo lame!

  • bunny

    yea this is exactly the givenchy sacca bag which i love so much, but without the givenchy logo at the strap base. zz. how boring.

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