I’ll admit it, I have a weak spot for metallic finished handbags. Not all of them, but a lot of them. There is just something that grabs my eye about something sparkly or something that shimmers. Without a doubt, the bronze metallic finish was the first thing I noticed about the Cole Haan Village Soft North/South Rouched Satchel. Sometimes I think it is great to take a break from handbags with lots of bells and whistles. Other than the bronze metallic finish, there isn’t anything out of the ordinary about this bag, but I think that could be one of the reasons I like it so much. Cole Haan did a great job sticking to what the line is great at, making functional and fun handbags. I am also a fan of the buckles located where the bag and handles meet. It is a great addition. And who would have thought, a brand that began by selling men’s footware 80 years ago would one day make such gorgeous handbags? Buy through Zappos for $449.

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  • Anilu Magloire

    I usually love Cole Haan bags, but this one looks messy and blah to me.

  • lauren

    not my favorite either, cole haan usually makes plain bags to me anyway. I like them, but usually just end up buying a more expensive bag.

  • kimalee

    I have this bag and LOVE it! you can extend the straps so that it fits very comfortably over your shoulder.

    thumbs up!

  • Jeanni

    Not so into it either – this photo probably doesn’t do the color justice – same as my absolute favorite Cole Haan bag – the Villiage Small Bucket Tote in Platinum – this color is 10x more amazing irl and goes with everything!

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