3.1 Phillip Lim x Target Handbags

Generally speaking, high-low designer collaborations have seen better days. They were all the rage for a while – Lanvin x H&M, anyone? – but at some point, they jumped the shark. I’m not sure whether that moment was the Missoni x Target online ordering fiasco or the Neiman Marcus x Target x Every Designer In America three-way flop, but it happened, and ever since then, our expectations have been low, if not nonexistent. 3.1 Phillip Lim x Target is here to restore some of our faith in high-low.

Most collaborations focus on clothing, which is easier to reasonably replicate for a fraction of the original price, but Lim went all-in on a capsule collection of inexpensive bags for both women and men as well. Some of the bags are faux-leather reinterpretations of Lim hits, most notably the Pashli, but there are also some new shapes, including an orange-and-purple leopard tote that’s the star of the accessories collection and a handsome blue camouflage backpack for men. Some fans will probably be mad at the Pashli spin-offs, but it’s exactly the type of bag that Target would imitate anyway, so Lim might as well get some of the credit (and revenue) for those cheaper versions.

Check out the entire bag collection for both men and women below; these pieces will reportedly retail for between $20 and $50 when the collection goes on sale at Target stores September 15. For now, shop Target’s existing handbags via Target.com.

[Photo above via Lucky Magazine's Instagram]

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  • Isabelle

    I wouldn’t mind a mini one in a bright color that might only be fun for a year or so. They look cute, hopefully they wont sell out at my Target!

    • Propafly_Tamponlover

      Ah. I hope Target decides not to release them after all. Terrible terrible times I have endured over the past few years. When the Missoni X Target collection was released, I simply had no choice but to donate my own AUTHENTIC MADE IN ITALY ones to the little orphans at Oxfam, as I could not possibly bear the shame of being seen in the same PRINTS as the lower class beings who shop at Target. Come to think of it, when the Mulberry X Target collection was released, I constructed a bonfire fueled by Bayswaters and Alexas, as I realized that they had become even more worthless than twigs. I can only hope that you classy ladies follow my lead and boycott all collections released by Target in the future. Alas, such Terrible Terrible times I have endured.

      • mrt

        are you serious or joking?

      • mrt

        nevermind i just saw your name.. i understand now :o)

  • Guest

    I’ll reserve judgement until I see them.

    I bought an Anya Hindmarch x Target bag from them several years ago that fell apart after a month or two of VERY light use. And when I wrote to Hindmarch about it they were incredibly snotty.

    And then there was the whole Missoni debacle. And the FEED merchandise made in China. Etcetera. Makes me think I should just save my money and buy that One Good Thing.

  • Propafly

    I have a rule…once a trend makes it to Target, it’s time for me to stop wearing it. When I saw red bottom shoes at Target…Lobous went to the back of the closet. I am so over the Celine luggage tote and hope this time everyone follows my ‘Target rule’ and abandons their Celines if only to make room for something more interesting.

    • Propafly_worshipper

      You’re completely right! Let’s hope that someone out there can realize how all-important and revered you are among us mere mortals and erects a giant tampon shrine in your honor.

      • Melissa

        ^^^^ yeah seriously, how snooty can these ladies get??! get over yourselves.

      • Non_propafly

        As a consumer, you have a choice in paying $$$ for a ‘real’ Pashli bag for $800-1,000 or the Target collab lookalike version for $35. Quality and materials will definitely differ, but both are still made in China. So you decide…

        I for one own a lot of designer bags (Prada, Mulberry, Chloe, Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton, Chanel…), and embrace these collabs and love mixing inexpensive pieces with whatever (high-end or inexpensive) accessories/clothing I own in my closet. I feel bad for those who only cares about having the designer labels from head to toe and forgetting the true spirit of fashion.

  • JC

    Agree with others on the quality issue, if I really want a trendy bag that won’t break after a few use, I’d go for Coach. For a I-just-want-in trendy stuff, there’s always brands like F21, I won’t be upset if it falls apart.

  • jennifer

    This ruined the Pashli for me. Too bad.

  • Fashionista

    I’m speechless..I bought a Pashli mini last year for $600 and now they are selling a similar version in the design between $20-$50? I guess the difference is in the material and quality. For the design, the prices are great though. Now people can get a few colors to play with!

  • JJ

    I just don’t understand why they can’t do some of these bags in leather. Sure the price point would be higher than $20, but I don’t believe for a minute that they can’t produce a leather bag for <$100. Target sells leather shoes for<$50 so why not a bag? That said, I'll probably buy the Pashli! I've always loved the look of that bag. This is a great way to try it & see if the style works for me! If I love it, I'd buy the high end version from the designers collection! A Target line does NOT ruin anything for me! I cannot believe the snobbery of some people! Talk about materialistic people!

    • examplesample

      Maybe because some people prefer faux, like myself.

  • Leslie

    I feel like they look decent in print…but once you get to Target, they don’t look so hot. All these lines have had promise…but the quality/look is always quite questionable. Most of the time Target’s Merona line, etc is much better quality. Although I have to be honest, I rarely buy this type of stuff from Target (and this girl loves her Target,) I just cannot bring myself to buy something that says “Mulberry for Target,” in giant letters on the side of a bag, etc. A bit snobby I know…but it doesn’t feel right. But then again, maybe I am not their ‘target,” consumer…ha! ha!

    • dakotaellis

      i totally feel!!! high fashion is suppose to STAY high fashion!

  • dakotaellis

    i spent 900 on mine which i mean isn’t that expensive but now TARGET has it!! i would’ve just gotten it there maybe..probably not
    should’ve gotten the alexander wang…

  • where

    They only sell on the store?
    If they only sell on the store, every store has that collection?
    Can I buy on the internet also?

  • I.S.M.

    Wow. Just wow. I have the tote bag from the Missoni x Target collection, and I love it. It’s pretty good quality for what I paid, the colors are nice and I could afford it. I have zero problems with high-low collaborations. If I don’t like it, I don’t buy it. Simple as that.

  • Carl Mape

    The colors are ugly, but what I find really disturbing are the very tacky Lim women’s clothing. Those light blue polyester pants look like something Betty White would wear! The dresses with the animal print are super ugly, and the clothes look REALLY cheap. The past 5 designer collections at Target have been total sh**! Kate Young (not even advertised and NOBODY knows who that is) bombed, Prabal Gurung bombed, the Nieman Marcus debacle bombed, etc. Target needs to bring back Isaac Mizrahi. I still have a bunch of his stuff.

  • s

    Oh for God’s sake! They’re just purses people!

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