One of the main reasons I love Botkier is that they use more lambskin in their line than almost any other similarly priced line that I can think of. And as any bag hag knows, lambskin is the end-all, be-all of non-exotic leathers. It’s soft and supple and I can’t stop touching it. Which is why I think everyone should take a look at the Botkier Venice Hobo. I’ve written about a bag from this line in the past, but that was before the hobo came out, and everyone knows that hobo are easily my favorite.

Botkier Exposed Zip Tassel Hobo Bag

This one is no exception – the color is so sunshine-y and it’s the perfect shade of yellow to be able to wear in fall as well as spring and summer. I can only imagine how perfectly this bag will slouch when it’s broken in a bit – lamb leather is MADE for slouch, and this hobo’s shape was made for lamb leather. The tassles are an edgy touch and a signature of several of Botkier’s collections, and who among us doesn’t love a bunch of zipper pockets? I know I certainly do. Buy through Nordstrom for $595.

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  • simplyaddictd

    you can also [hopefully] get it at the botkier sample sale that starts tomorrow in soho!

  • bagolicious


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