Botkier Trigger BagWell, goodbye work week, hello weekend! Hmmm, not quite time to call it quits for the day, but still, the weekend is very much on the horizon. I would have to be one of those people who really believes you should work hard and play hard. When I say “play” I am not saying I stay out and close down all the bars, but anything I can do to relax is much appreciated. Whether I am walking around a farmers market, window shopping or hitting the bars, I have to have a great handbag. The Botkier Trigger Bag has just made it to my “I really, really, really want this” list. I love how the bag is chic, a little bit rock-n-roll and completely versatile. The metallic leather handbag has zipper details as well as a bit of fringe. To me, it is a total knock out; a handbag I would carry just about anywhere. Thank you Botkier, you made my weekend! Buy through Shop Bop for $610.

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