Berin CC Snakeskin ToteI have to say, I’ve always wanted a large exotic tote to carry around. Of course, this tote has to be constructed perfectly as to not look sloppy or like zero thought went into the bag. I’ve seen my fair share of large bags that look ok from a distance, but up close, yikes – a disaster! While I haven’t had a chance to see this particular bag in person yet, I am totally loving the Berin CC Snakeskin Tote.

Berin CC Snakeskin Tote
Genuine snakeskin adorns this oversized tote and it looks great. I would definitely use this daily. Double shoulder straps with a 6″ drop from the shoulder would help the bag look so nice at my side. I seriously think I am falling more in love with it the more I look at it. Even better yet, the price isn’t bad, not bad at all. Since Berin bags are known for their successful use of exotics, I am sure this is a bag that will hold up nicely. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $430.

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