Bags under 300

If I told you that loving handbags is an expensive hobby, it’d be preaching to the choir – you guys already know that a single glimpse of the perfect bag can put a dent in your bank account with a quickness. We spend a lot of time exploring the garden of earthly delights that constitutes the highest of the high end bag markets, and sometimes I completely forget that covetable stuff exists at the opposite end. With a little bit of planning, spending a couple hundred bucks can yield a result nearly as exciting as spending ten times that.

We understand if you’re skeptical, and in fact, we came prepared. Below, we’ve assembled a list of bags that might inspire you to splurge a bit (but not too much) in the near future. Everything from bright clutches to neutral day bags can be found for less than $300, and nearly everything we found is made entirely of real leather. Not too shabby, right? Go ahead, take a look – your bank account is already breathing a sigh of relief.

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  • FashionableLena

    I really like the Coach bag, and I could definitely see this as a bag that I would take to my sons’ sporting activities. I was hoping to see bags that were a little larger and good for everyday use. Technically, I could use these for everyday, but they are a bit small.

  • kristint

    love the Joy Gryson Crossbody!! the color is amaze!! and the Tory Burch stands out too but not a huge fan of the print.. still deciding if I like it lol.

  • emmie

    While those are nice bags, they are all small purses. Still a lot of money for a small crossbody or clutch.

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