B Makowsky Perforated HoboI’ve never give much thought to perforated leather, to be honest. It’s out there, but it’s not super common, and I usually keep moving right past it when I see it. There are times when I’ve made a positive post about a bag with perforations, but looking back, it’s been the exception instead of the rule. But I took one look at the B. Makowsky Perforated Hobo and it crystallized all of my thoughts on the subject – I don’t like it at all.

When I look at this bag, I think “basketball jersey.” And when I try to come up with a different thought about it, I have a hard time doing so because the resemblance is so striking. It would indeed be a cute bag to take to a sporting event to go along with whatever team jersey you were sporting, but beyond that, I think the look is a bit too athletic to be worn with a regular outfit. Or maybe I’m just too pathetically out of shape to be amenable to anything that reminds me of physical activity. Buy through Nordstrom for $258.

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  • 19yearslater

    It makes me think of poking toothpicks through all of the little holes.

  • Loquita

    Okay, I am glad that I am not the only one who feels the urge to poke this bags with toothpicks! Thumbs down on this one. I am not a B. Makowsky fan in general, though.

  • Thistle

    The perforations weaken the leather, which eventually breaks down. I’m not a fan of the look, either.

  • Linda

    I do not like this bag at all. I have seen other designs from this designer and liked the bags, but hated to logo on it. I think they need to let their bags speak for themselves…if they are a nice looking bag, people will ask. I see these bags in TJ Maxx all the time…the logo is probably one good reason why.

  • Lily

    This bag is like the kooba nelly bag…im not a fan of this designer because i feel that most of its designs are copies of other designer work. I first learned of this name from a RM lookalike on the forum…designer does it again this time

  • Jill

    Love this bag so much! It’s light, chic, and leather feels great! I usually wear only high-end designer bags, but love this bag so much I bought it in black and wish I had bought white too. I’m a new fan of B. Makowsky… great styling and pricing!!

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