I remember writing about a certain Juicy Couture backpack last summer – it was kitschy, cute, and had a few too many patches and phrases on it. In short, it was classic Juicy.

But Juicy has changed, become more mature. I’m sitting here wearing a pair of their jersey pajama shorts and it doesn’t say JUICY on the butt. That alone should tell you they’ve matured.

In any case, this Juicy Couture Pendleton Wool Backpack would be at home at any campus – whether it’s high school and or even college. It’s an a subdued navy with a complementary maroon interior. Plus, it has a cute little fox key fob with a handy whistle. It’s actually cute – not obnoxious cute. I’m definitely back on Team Juicy. Buy through Saks for $248 $172.

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  • Stylista

    Doesn’t say JUICY on the bum…that is certainly an improvement! I like this backpack! It would look great in the hallways. Wish I could carry it to school!


  • mochababe73

    I am a little bummed. I own a Juicy Couture bag, and I brought it for the reasons that you stated. It was fun and cute. Such a departure for me. So, when I want something like that Juicy comes to mind.
    Unfortunately, Juicy has lost its quirkiness for me, and it makes me a little sad.

  • where can i find this bag i want it!

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