Vanessa Bruno is sort of like the Kylie Minogue of handbags. She enjoys a high profile and wide popularity in Europe (France in particular), but when it comes to the American market, she’s more of a face in the crowd than a consumer force to be reckoned with.

One of my fashionista friends has frequently said that you can tell a true hipster from a not-so-true hipster by peeking at his or her bag. The rules are as follows: if the bag is genuinely worn and old, the hipster is truly hipster.

My first trip to Paris, I noticed that many of the girls were carrying shrunken canvas totes with sequins on the handles. Upon my return home, I did some research and discovered that those totes were Vanessa Bruno creations.

You know what’s really hard to do? Make a black leather clutch interesting in any way. Most of us, particularly those of us that make regular use of clutches, have seen a million and a half of them in our lives, owned a bunch of them, and are assaulted by another couple of dozen every time we enter a department store’s handbag section.

Ok, so you’ve already seen plenty of entries about handbags that sport some sort of fringe. And for better or worse it doesn’t look like fringe is going anywhere anytime soon. I struggle when I try to decide if fringe on a bag is a hit or a miss.