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Alexander Wang Neoprene and Resin Rocco, $770 via Alexander Wang

Anyone who’s ever picked up an Alexander Wang Rocco Bag knows one thing for sure – IT’S HEAVY. As tempting as the bag might be for a certain subset of customers, weight is always a surefire way to dissuade a large portion of handbag lovers from considering a particular design as a viable option. It looks like Alexander Wang has heard that message loud and clear, because he’s promising that the Alexander Wang Neoprene and Resin Rocco is the lightest version of the bag yet. So how exactly did he accomplish that? (more…)

Happy Chinese New Year and welcome to the Year of the Dragon, everyone! Since our cultural knowledge of the traditions of Chinese New Year is admittedly somewhat limited, we thought that the best way we could join in on the festivities would be by highlighting the work of one very talented Chinese American designer – Alexander Wang. After all, what better way to celebrate a culture than by appreciating the contributions of its people?

Wang’s bags are likely familiar to most of you already, but he’s done something a little different for Resort and Spring 2012 – he used color. The man known for black and grey did an admirable job of brightening things up and even incorporating a print or two for the new season, and today seemed like a perfect day to feature several of our favorites. Take a look after the jump and let us know how you’re celebrating in the comments. (more…)

Yes, I realize that here we have two Alexander Wang posts back to back. While maybe I should apologize for this, I’m not going to. Sorry folks, I couldn’t help myself. See, as soon as I came across this Alexander Wang Cher Large Siamese Clutch, I had to stop everything I was doing and write about it.

Another thing I realize is the fact that Alexander Wang is often off of his rocker. Now sometimes being off your rocker as a designer is a good thing and then there are other times it is a bad thing. In this instance my friends, it is a bag thing – a very, VERY bad thing. (more…)

When Spring 2012’s shows were done and it had become clear that pastels were one of the biggest trends in accessories that the season had to offer, I was somewhat disappointed. Pastels just didn’t feel as exciting or vibrant as spring trends usually are, and back then, I made a mental note not to buy in when it came time to make my purchases for the season. And then I saw the Alexander Wang Donna and Brenda Bags in mint leather, and my mind changed entirely. Who would have guessed that prince of darkness Alexander Wang would bring me over to the light side? (more…)

Alexander Wang Prisma Tote

My love for Alexander Wang is not new – it’s actually a long love that has built over the years. After the craze following the Rocco, Alexander Wang continued to churn out bags that became instant hits.

Alexander Wang Max Fanny PackSo I thought that fanny packs were taboo to the fashion crowd, fit for only tacky tourists and cross-country RV trekkers. But Alexander Wang, is as usual, blazing his own trail rather than staying on the beaten path. But who ever thought he’d go so off that track as to create the Alexander Wang Max Fanny Pack? And it has been seemingly well received- I mean, it is a Shopbop Editor’s Pick.

Last time I checked, editors were good sources for upcoming trends, but I don’t want to carry a fanny pack, nor do I really have any desire to see the packs turn fashionistas into fashion victims. Those were my thoughts before I saw the bag on a model. The model carries the pack slung over her shoulder, so it looks like a normal hobo bag, albeit one with an interesting squared shape.

But in true Wang style, this bag is made of gorgeous pebbled leather with lots or roughly shiny bronze hardware. But I’m still not sure if I’m willing to carry a fanny pack, even for Alexander Wang. If you do, please you yourself a favor and don’t clip it around your waist. Buy through Shopbop for $790.

Alexander Wang Suede Coco Duffel Bag

If Alexander Wang is going to insist on continuing to make non-black and non-leather iterations of the super popular Alexander Wang Coco Duffel, then he’s going to have to do better than tan.

The only things that I can think of when I see this bag are the faux nubuck jackets that you see in the men’s department at Wal-Mart every year and that are, presumably, purchased only by middle aged men that count huntin’ and workin’ on their truck among their main hobbies (note: I’m from the South, so I’m allowed/qualified to make jokes about redneck Wal-Mart shoppers). (more…)

Oh, Alexander Wang. How I love thee, let me count the ways. Ok, so, I’m not literally going to count them – not only would that take too long, but it would be kind of boring. Let’s suffice it to say that I really love Wang’s aesthetic, even when I’m not sure that I love a particular bag. Luckily, the Alexander Wang Jena Clutch doesn’t give me any deep internal conflict.

Nope! I’m sure that this clutch is in my future. Not only does it have the brand’s signature pebbled black leather, but it’s a perfect size and shape for a take-anywhere black clutch. If you like a little bit of edge in your bags, then welcome to your new nighttime staple. (more…)

Embracing the Alexander Wang aesthetic is easy in winter – you add in some black, and then some more black, and maybe a little black as a finishing touch. It also has to be sort of minimalist, but in a really non-minimalist way. Ta-da! There you go. But when weather gets warmer, sometimes people want to wear a color other than black (although I don’t know why anyone would want to do that, black’s great!), and then channeling Wang’s of-the-moment looks gets a little harder, particularly in the bag department.

Fret not, however, because the brand’s fashion mavens have created the much-loved Alexander Wang Donna Hobo in a faded, mossy green that will actually work with the boho colors and fabrics of summer without losing any of the bag’s signature edge. A Wang bag that you could wear with linen – mon dieu! (more…)

Alexander Wang Tina Zip ClutchHi, I’m Amanda, and I’m an unrepentant Alexander Wang fangirl.

I figure I might as well admit it now, since it should be becoming increasingly obvious for anyone that reads this blog regularly. Wang is an original voice in an accessories landscape that got a little boring for a moment, and his deconstructed, hipster-friendly bags have been seen gracing the arms and shoulders of Hollywood It-Girls with alarming consistency since they debuted last year. Any good trend needs its shameless cheerleaders – gimme an A.

And today’s Wang pick is the Alexander Wang Tina Zip Clutch. Thoroughly affordable for a bag from an It designer, it can be used as either a hand-held clutch or a shoulder bag with the oh-so-current long strap. It has lots of zipper details, as is also fashionable at the moment, but the best part is the pebbly, soft black leather, a staple of the brand. I’ll take two. Buy through ShopBop for $590.

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