5 Under 500 Minty Fresh
MICHAEL Michael Kors Large Sutton Satchel

We get a lot of reader email asking for advice and recommendations, but the one questions we’ve received most consistently over the years are queries about what a young woman should choose for her first designer bag.

KARA Backpack

We’ve long lamented the dearth of reasonably priced handbag lines with a modern look, and lately, our prayers have begun to find answers. First Mansur Gavriel came along, with its elegant, understated line of functional handbags and totes, and now we’ve found KARA Handbags, a young line that just got picked up by ShopBop.

Get the exotic look for under $1000 with these mini bags

Compared to fall, spring’s textures can be a bit…down-market. We love raffia and canvas as much as anyone else, but naturally, we love snakeskin and leather even more. So what’s the secret to incorporating successfully what might feel like a heavy material into your warm-weather wardrobe?

Rebecca Minkoff Sienna Tote

Over the last five years, contemporary bags have largely taken their aesthetic cues from the It Bags of the mid-2000s. There have been plenty of oversized satchels, fringe-y zipper pulls, stud embellishments and an overwhelming number of over-embellished options for people who love a lot of look.

Barneys New York Co-Op

By this site’s very nature, we spend a decent amount of time talking about things that are very expensive. Expensive handbags, expensive accessories, expensive shoes over at TalkShoes. Back in the real world, though, we like things that feel like a good value for our money – the biggest luxury bang for the buck, if you will.

Alexander Wang Prisma Tote

My love for Alexander Wang is not new – it’s actually a long love that has built over the years. After the craze following the Rocco, Alexander Wang continued to churn out bags that became instant hits.


As much as we love to ogle the most expensive handbags and accessories on the planet, those of us on the PurseBlog team understand that moderation is important. For almost all bag lovers, including us, going bananas and buying a bunch of four-figure (or higher) bags per season is just not a wise idea when you consider all the other things vying for our wallets’ attention.

Where pastels go, controversy follows. Many of you weren’t as enthusiastic about Alexander Wang’s minty shoulder bags as Megs and I are, but if you’re similarly averse to light colors, fret not. Lots of designers have found a way to walk the lines between pastels and brights for Spring 2012; with two such disparate color trends happening in one season, necessity really is the mother of invention.

When Spring 2012’s shows were done and it had become clear that pastels were one of the biggest trends in accessories that the season had to offer, I was somewhat disappointed. Pastels just didn’t feel as exciting or vibrant as spring trends usually are, and back then, I made a mental note not to buy in when it came time to make my purchases for the season.