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Diane von Furstenberg Secret Agent Large Tote, $498
Diane von Furstenberg Agent Karlie Confetti Tweed Zip-On Clutch, $148

A woman’s handbag isn’t just part of her wardrobe; the right bag is a daily companion and partner in crime, accompanying a woman nearly everywhere and acting as a chic vessel for necessities and indulgences alike.

Diane von Furstenberg Spring Bags at Saks

Spring might not quite have sprung outside (at least in New York – you may be luckier than we are), but it has definitely sprung inside Saks Fifth Avenue, circa the Diane von Furstenberg handbags. DVF’s spring bags have arrived in stores and online, and with materials ranging from raffia to lizard-embossed leather, they’re just the thing to get you through the seasonal transition and onto the right track for the weather ahead.

Towards the end of last year I covered a really great Diane von Furstenberg clutch that I really loved. There was something extremely feminine yet edgy about the Diane von Furstenberg Belle Studded Clutch. That same combination came to my mind when I saw this clutch, yet there is definitely more of a rocker edge that is screaming out to me. (more…)

Yep, I need to make this clutch mine. While I am not so sure I completely believe in love at first sight (when it comes to relationships) but I definitely fell in love with this clutch the instant that I laid eyes on it. Admittedly I don’t own any Diane von Furstenberg items and I am totally envious of both my mom and sister because they have a few pieces. But this clutch might be in the running as the first DVF item in my closet. (more…)

440 Top Handle Embossed Lizard Leather, Deep Cherry-Crimson-Black

Last week, Megs and I had the pleasure of previewing the clothes, shoes and handbags from Diane von Furstenberg Pre-Fall 2013, and we’re excited to be able to give you a look at the collection’s full handbag line today – think of it as our early Christmas present to you!

Since the very successful Diane Von Furstenberg Stephanie Hobo first came out, I’ve gone through many stages of thought over it. First, I loved that they used weather in a way that was, as far as I could tell, both new to the handbag world and really interesting. I wanted to have one.

And then I saw how it hung on some women, and how enormous it was, and I was unsure. Then I saw a slightly smaller version, and I knew I loved it. Then I wondered if too many people had already hopped on that bandwagon for there to be a seat left for me. With the advent of the Diane Von Furstenberg Stephanie Shoulder Bag, however, I know that the folks at DVF were simply testing my commitment and they’ve finally rewarded me with my own perfect version of the Stephanie bag. (more…)

It’s hard to argue that any mainstream designer manipulates pattern better than Diane von Furstenberg, and with that comes an almost equally masterful use of color.

I believe that the Diane Von Furstenberg Signature Garden Beach Tote is the first bag of her company’s relatively young line to feature the sort of patterns that first gained notoriety for DVF on her signature wrap dresses, and it’s nice to see them cross over into accessories and really tie the line together with the company’s traditional aesthetic. (more…)

We’ve seen so many incarnations of Diane Von Furstenberg’s Hayworth Clutch, and they’ve all incorporated great detailing: the CEO version has thick stitching over a light denim, and a black leather Hayworth has flowers and gold hardware.

This purple Diane von Furstenberg Hayworth Studded Leather Clutch is slightly less overt, but the simple gold studding meshes perfectly with the smooth violet leather. It’ll work equally well with a summer outfit as a spring outfit, adding a bit of glam to that crisp silk summer dress- or sexy evening gown. I’m thinking of it more as a bag for after dark, but as a daytime clutch? I personally find it almost impossible for any purple bag to be unsuited to daylight, so I find it to be quite all right, albeit a bit sophisticated. (more…)

Diane von Furstenberg 440 Mini Leather Shoulder Bag

Handbag transitions can be hard. Not only do colors change from season to season, but so do textures and shapes. All three of those elements combine to give a bag its overall feel, and finding a finished product that can straddle two seasons is no small feat, especially when you don’t have an unlimited handbag budget.

Diane von Furstenberg has definitely made her way into the handbag world. Starting with the uber-popular Stephanie Bag DvF bags have gained international popularity. Admittedly, I was much more into DvF clothes until the Stephanie Bag graced me with its presence. I’ve been waiting patiently to see if the creative department at DvF would be able to churn out more handbags that would peak my interest as much as the Stephanie Bag did. Lucky for me, they have. (more…)

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