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  • purselady

    I’ve noticed you don’t mention pricing for Hermes or Chanel. Any reason why?

    • Ann

      Maybe she have no idea? In this case she could just call the boutique but well…

    • JJ

      The price isn’t included because “Hermes prefers to keep the price of this piece to themselves”. It’s right there in the article – did you even read it?

      • ah

        hahahah JJ couldn’t have agreed more. you can call and ask them yourselves. or just search it online if you are wondering. better yet use the purseforum above and ask. i use purseforum all the time to discuss, share, etc.

  • JJ

    Look at that leather! Amazing! When I hit the lottery, I’ll take one of those!

  • elle

    loving the leather of the Hermes in particular!

  • debbie

    I think that “save” should be at least less than 1000

  • dnfl

    i actually prefer the lv over the hermes.. just something about the stripes on the hermes makes me go ‘no’ ..

  • wow!!great handbags

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