Spend Save Splurge Racing Stripes

Usually when we do a Save, Spend, Splurge post, we start off at a low price point and work our way up to a fantasy item. This time, though, all the bags are a little bit spendy – we didn’t plan it that way, but sometimes, that’s just how the handbag world works, much to all of our chagrins. Please believe me when I say that none of us regard customized Louis Vuitton as an opportunity to “save” money.

That being said, it is the opening price point to score this super luxe trend. Whether it’s a painted stripe, pieced leather or a touch of texture to a timeless classic, a racing stripe hits both the athletic trend and the vintage mood that has been running through accessories design for several seasons now. For now, the French have a monopoly on this look – from Louis Vuitton to Rochas to Hermes, here’s how to do a racing stripe at three different price points.

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  • purselady

    I’ve noticed you don’t mention pricing for Hermes or Chanel. Any reason why?

    • Ann

      Maybe she have no idea? In this case she could just call the boutique but well…

    • JJ

      The price isn’t included because “Hermes prefers to keep the price of this piece to themselves”. It’s right there in the article – did you even read it?

      • ah

        hahahah JJ couldn’t have agreed more. you can call and ask them yourselves. or just search it online if you are wondering. better yet use the purseforum above and ask. i use purseforum all the time to discuss, share, etc.

  • JJ

    Look at that leather! Amazing! When I hit the lottery, I’ll take one of those!

  • elle

    loving the leather of the Hermes in particular!

  • debbie

    I think that “save” should be at least less than 1000

  • dnfl

    i actually prefer the lv over the hermes.. just something about the stripes on the hermes makes me go ‘no’ ..

  • http://www.facebook.com/shamballa.bracelets.79 Shamballa Bracelets

    wow!!great handbags

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